Tuesday, April 15, 2008


hey all!

the chacal did some pics again! and some magic for sure...
enjoy, i obviously do!

#1) a 5`8 x 20 3/4 x 2 3/4 twin keel fishie for my bloody self

marlin bacon of the massive 101fin company sent me some handcrafted bamboo magic over the big pond for this little racer

the times are good and the boards are almost done.

holy ....! what a trip!

take care!

Friday, April 11, 2008


hey a!

i havent been able to surf for, let me think..., 9 month, thats a really long time.
shaping has been keeping me sane, but now, as my very first 5 boards are almost done by the magical hands of the chacal, the need to get them wet makes it even worse...

..but relief is on the way!

with the tremendous help of a new portuguese friend, again, met and got to know via the wwww, wonderful world wide web, we will call a nice little beach town somewhere in the middle of portugal our home for 2 weeks in the month of july.

Rui, as our friend is called, not only managed to get us a nice place to stay, that is only 50 meters away from the beach (well, thats a little compensation for the 2000kms we have to travel normally to get wet ;-)), but also is kind enough to take care of us while we re there and will show us around. i cant wait to shake this man`s hand with the biggest of smiles at the lisbon airport in 3 month.

Rui also has a nice blog which you can find here:

yep, its called MAGIC QUIVER, and thats not just a nice name, no, its what its all about. Rui can get you some amazing shred sticks from the worlds best foam scratchers out there. names like Rich Pavel, Mike Hynson, Rainbow Surfboards, Dano Surfboards, Barrel Surfboards and others are written on the pieces of foam and fibreglass that pass through Rui`s hands.

i first contacted him because i noticed on his blog, that he can get me some nineplus wetsuits too. i get my new wetsuit in july ;-) . they re just beautiful and feel like butter. hmm.

until then...

i tend to switch around outlines, fin setups and ideas for the next projects, and im not really sure which way to go yet.
the possibilities are endless.
but it doesnt really matter. its gonna be fun anyways.

hope you all have a good time,
take care,

trim chris

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


LOKBOX CI KEELS, designed by the LOKBOX man Jim Robertson himself and rob machado, clear.

i have a wonderful bamboo, double foiled keel set with lokbox plugs from Marlin Bacon`s 101fin co which will be my first choice for the fishie. i didnt make it yet to take pics of it, but i will for sure.
wanted the CI keels for variety and i guess a bit sportier of a feel.

LOKBOX AK4 quadset, designed by manuel caro of mandala surfboards, clear
for my next board

TRUE AMES 7.5" SKIP FRYE FLEX fin, clear
for my girls 6`2 Disc, that i will shape soon.

TRUE AMES 9" L-FLEX, clear
i want to try it with the Glider, but i guess i`ll get another fin, just to do some experimentation, maybe the greenough 4A.

any fin tips are really appreciated.

see ya


got some new pics from the chacal.


another shot of the single and the fishie..

and the orange one...

shape #2, a 7`3 x 22 x 2 3/4 singlefin Glider for matthias "schustabua" schuster...

#3, the same outline than the glider above but different rails and bottom, and i did this for myself. yes, im a greedy bastard ;-)

its coming along.

im working on the next couple projects right now, which will be a 6`2 singlefin Disc for my girl anna, that should have been shaped already, but i ran out of time cause of too much work....

...and another board for myself, jep as i said, greedy bastard, not sure exactly what, but it will most certainly be something with 4 fins and a diamondtail for the better of small waves.

take care!

Friday, April 4, 2008


progress is being made!

the trim movement boards are in the works at the shaggy shack.
heres some evolution pics of #1, #4 and #5.

just foam and fibreglass, right?


the austrian moonlight rack ;-)

yes, it was a long drive.

the trim movement bird...

...got to be the logo..

#1 and #4. the 5`8 fishie for myself and a 6`3 singlefin for el buberino....

#5, 6`3 singlefin for matthias..

...ready to slide ! first board finished, YEPEEH!!!

thanks a lot to sebastien the chacal and alexandre for the pics.

im sitting in front of the computer and everytime theres a little red dot on the mail software, that indicates a new email, im nervous like a little grommet at christmas.

its all good.. im soo stoked.

i`ll keep you all posted.

take care.
trim chris