Friday, March 28, 2008


as promised, here comes the pics!


gettin there is half the fun !?

the blanks arrive at the shaggy shack :-) and get treatment right away

sebastien the chacal pushing some resin...

lacanau and a horse we found and named hansi.

alexandre doing his thing.

going back home again..

we had a very good time.
again and again, thanks soo much.

take care!

trim chris

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


hi everyone!

right now, im the most happiest bloke you can imagine.

last week, my lovely girlfriend anna and myself packed up the van with loads of stuff. some towels, some clothes, some other stuff, and 5 shaped blanks.

after a 2 week period of working 24/7 on the latest music video for a musician friend called BEN MARTIN ( (who does some really nice tunes i think a lot of you would like, give it a try!!!!!) and taking pictures of golfbags and retouching those for ages, we let the dust fly and hit the road. the direction? strictly west.

the wonderful bordeaux in the wonderful and oh so beautiful country of france was the end of a long and sometimes dangerous journey. yes it snows in march, and hell yeah, it snows a lot.hmm

why bordeaux you may ask?
because its home not only to the finest red wine on earth but also to some of the most interesting, wise, creative and stoked humans i ve ever met.

sebastien garnier, aka the chacal.
a glasser with the passion to make nothing short of magic out of a piece of foam and wood, some fibreglass and stinky resin. a man who doesnt have to hide in the kitchen as well, oh man, let me tell ya!
but most of all, hes a wonderful husband and father of 2 of the happiest and cutest superheroes on earth.
he invited us, complete strangers, to stay at his place during our 2 day visit. we had a blast.

sebastien is right now working on the finishing of the boards i worked so hard on for the last couple month. and in some couple weeks time, i will open some boxes out of cardboard with nothing but stoke in it. i cant wait really.

but apart from that, what we already got, and whats the best present or gift or whatever you may call it, is 5 amazing new friends (i didnt mention the sweetest of cats before ;-) ) . thats what its really all about. isnt it? everything else is a plus.

thank you so much!

then we have a bloke named alexandre, who used to be an architect once.
i found him on the internet 2 years ago while searching for a source of surfboards that actually make sense for us everyday or in my case every once in a very long while water heroes that dont write down anything like "slater" when they sign something. he made me my first fish and i was stoked. guess who glassed that fish? exactly, the man i wrote about above.

alexandre, who is a pretty busy shaper man now, did let us watch his magic in his very very nice new shaping bay.
thank you too alex. barrel surfboards his pieces of art are called, check them out if you havent already.
we wish you all the best, but to be honest, im not worried at all.

yeah, a lot of texting and no pictures???? boring i know. but be a little patient.
you will complain about too many pictures in a while. HA

alrighty then,

right now, im the most happiest bloke you can imagine.

surfing is a bond, a feeling, a way of life. even tough we sometimes think we are oh so different, in the end, we are all the same.

take care,
trim chris