Wednesday, November 14, 2007


well, its been a while since my last post but i wasnt a lazy boy.

i would have never thought that building surfboards, or better put, starting to try to build surfboards in AUSTRIA, has so much to do with logistigs, organisation, more or less important choices, waiting for email replies for ages... the list goes on and on. i havent been in the shed for ages now. just sitting in front of the comp researching all the time.

it took me like 2 month sorting out where to get blanks from, looking for a way to get my shaped blanks glassed etc...
and how to get my shaped blanks to somebody on this continent to get glassed. i guess all of this sounds a bit complicated, well it actually is. but its just worth it. i wanna be able to build the best boards im capable of building and since im just at the beginning of maybe a life long journey, hey, whats 2 month compared to the rest of my life.

almost everything is on GO now.

I ordered 7 blanks ( 6`2A, 6`5A , 6`10A, 7`9H) from the very nice, helpful, caring and honest people at seabase UK. they are the european distributors of US blanks. after weeks of thoughts, research, "classes" at the swaylocks university, i decided to go for it and ordered the clark modified hitachi planer from seabase too. it just makes sense to me to buy the best tools avaliable to help me get the job done properly. i cant wait to get this huge box delivered. thanx again to the girls and guys from seabase. they helped me out heaps. (they have a new website running, the link is on the right under the "the goods" section)

some good friends are crazy enough to let me shape them boards. they buy the blanks and everything so i have blanks to shape and they will (hopefully) end up with relatively cheap custom surfboards. thanks for believing. means a lot to me.

well, its about 0 degrees celcius outside the window im sitting in front of right now. so if everything comes in time and the weather forecast is right, it will be a very "cool" :-) experience shaping the next couple boards in the heaterless shed.

watch out for new pics coming soon...

all the best



hi everyone!

my last post was ages ago but i wasnt a lazy boy.

its never an easy task to get startet.
i had to think a lot about how i want to shape, what i want to shape, with what i want to shape, to make the best quality surfboards im able to create.
EPS/epoxy, PU/PE, bosch or clark hitachi, glassing myself or letting glass someone else whos got the skills?...the list goes on and on.

sometimes i have the feeling that i should better build skis or snowboards because it would be way easier to accomplish that i guess here in the "land of all the waves"
it can get really frustrating at times but the motivation increases all the time and i wont give up. thats for sure.

after weeks and weeks of writing emails and waiting for replies from a couple shaping suupliers here in good `ol europe i finally found people who seem to be honest, caring and very very helpful.
seabase in england that is. thanks a lot everyone there, especially Pani!

seabase is the official distributor for US blanks and i like the rockers and plugs they have so i ordered 7 blanks from seabase.
in the 6`2A to the 7`9H range.

Friday, November 2, 2007


hey everyone!

i hope you ve all been doing well!

its been some time since my last post. i wasnt lazy since then, i just tried to figure out a way of doing nice surfboards with the best materials i can get my hands on.