Thursday, February 21, 2008

BOARD #4, 6*3 x 21 x 2 3/4 SINGLEFIN for El Buberino

hey there!

heres number 4:

a 6`3 x 21 x 2 3/4 roundtail singlefin for my good`ol friend Bub, aka El Buberino aka El Surferbubo, who is a lucky bastard, cause he`s sitting on the island of fuerteventura right now, sliding down some beautiful, little pointbreak gems while im in the cold, dry and dusty austria, shaping his stick.

widepoint 4" forward of center
single concave into a slight vee with a little double concave in it for speed and fun.
pretty full, a little down rails.

this one`s for you, come home, now!


well, theres 2 more boards to come before i pack everything up and start the "tour to france". i cant wait really. its a bit tough cause it takes a while till the boards are really finished, but when the time comes, and all those boards are lying on the floor, finished, and in full color, the joy and stoke will be much more pleasing.

did i mention that 4 europeans are on this years ASP WORLD TOUR?
stoked, i hope they do good. its about time.

have a good one where ever you are!
GO SACA GO!!!!!! micky, aritz and jeremy too...

Sunday, February 3, 2008


hey again!

its been a while, but i was busy.
i ve been working on adding some t shirts to the trim movement cause it was just way too freezing to be shaping.

it got a bit warmer now so heres Glider #2:

exactly the same dimensions as the first one but i tried different rails and bottom.
a lotta thanks to vasco from nereus kinesis ( for his feedback and help with the rails!!!
muito obrigado! e a linha (cascais) é muito bonita, mas aventurosa!!


my girl anna took a couple pics, yes thats me, sorry! :-)

ok, as mentioned earlier im working on some T shirt designs, i know i should better practice shaping. but its fun.

next board will be a 6`0 round tail singlefin disc for my girl. then a 6`3 roundtail singlefin for my friend el Buberino and a 6`5 singlefin for matthias.
so alltogether its 6 boards for the first batch.
thanks everyone for trusting me to turn your money into somethink surfable :-)

when everything is shaped and packed up, i ll jump in the car and drive down to bordeaux to get the blanks to the glasser, chacal (, hes doing some massive resin art so check his blog out. im really looking forward to meeting him and get to see alexandre from barrel surfboards ( he does some massive foam art all the time basically. :-) ) again.
maybe there are some water hills too for me to slide on a bit. its been a while since i got wet, let me think....8 month? thats a long time.

thanks for reading.

take care,

trim chris